Sewer Smoke Test

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Sewer Smoke Test

When it comes to protecting the health and safety of everyone in and around your Santa Clara County, CA home, a critical aspect of that is the sewer system. Although this area of your home should be something you don’t think about every day, there are still several forms of routine maintenance that help to keep it that way. The Great American Plumbing Co. can help maintain your sewer pipes by providing the necessary inspections and repairs, as well as a sewer smoke test. Learn more about this type of test and contact us directly for a free quote on any sewer repair service!

The Purpose of a California Household Sewer Smoke Test

Because sewer pipes are meant to be hidden and away from view, it can be difficult to know for sure whether they need to be maintained or serviced before warning signs start popping up. A great way to determine the status of a residential or commercial sewer line is with the sewer smoke test. This test is considered the industry standard when it comes to identifying leaks or other issues within a sewer system. The Great American Plumbing Co., a local woman-owned business, is dedicated to protecting clients from disaster by conducting sewer smoke tests and finding any possible obstructions or defects in the pipeline or draining.

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Inside The Sewer Smoke Test Process

As the name suggests, a sewer smoke test uses a form of smoke to identify any defects in a residential or commercial sewer system. This inspection involves using a non-toxic smoke for the purposes of observation; the smoke itself is introduced to the sewer line which then naturally moves through all the pipes until it reaches the natural exit. Since the smoke itself is easily visible, this process is excellent for locating pipe leaks, broken manholes, cracks, or other disruptions to the sewer system. The Great American Plumbing Co. can help ensure there are no issues by conducting a sewer smoke test, as well as other inspections, and providing recommendations on how to address the issue!

How The Great American Plumbing Co. Handles Sewer Repair

The practical, comprehensive solutions our plumbing excerpts provide all start with a thorough inspection as stated above. Before we do any cleaning or unclogging, it’s important for our staff members to have an idea of what’s going on with your sewer system and if anything isn’t working properly. It is only after we go in and have a look for ourselves with small cameras, or with a sewer smoke test, that we provide advice on how to best keep your sewer pipes in peak working condition.

Should any issues arise with your sewer pipes, The Great American Plumbing Co. will be able to assess the scale and magnitude of the problem. It could be a few simple repairs or maintenance is needed, but an entire piper replacement may be needed if the sewer system is affecting other areas of your property. No matter what, homeowners and business owners can always expect upfront pricing on our services and advice based on what is best for them.

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Take advantage of an easy, harmless sewer smoke test with The Great American Plumbing Co. and let us help you find any issues with your sewer system! However, should you experience an emergency, our team can also provide 24/7 services if an issue with your sewer system has escalated. If after inspecting we realize a new part is needed, our company is always fully stocked to minimize wait times. Get in contact with us today!