The Great American Plumbing Co, Inc provides quality plumbing pipe replacement services to your commercial enterprise. We are a locally owned and operated professional plumbing company.

We offer complete commercial plumbing re-piping to all area businesses including but not limited to:

  • Motels
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Office Buildings
  • Parking Lots
  • Shopping Centers

The Need for Plumbing Re-Piping

Your commercial establishment undergoes far more stress and use than a residential home. Its plumbing system is subject to heavy use, and has likely not had much TLC by the users. This can be easily led to extreme wear and tear in a relative short time span. When your building is older, the impact can be far more strenuous, leading to the need for complete plumbing re-piping.

Building construction before 1970 means your plumbing may very well be corroded and leaky. This causes expensive water waste and can lead to health issues. If you notice higher water bills, water pressure issues, mold, and an increase in plumbing repair calls, you may have a serious piping problem. Our professionals can perform a thorough inspection to identify issues and help you determine whether commercial plumbing re-piping is needed.

What’s Involved?

If the plumbing system in your building is old, damaged, and corroded, your best line of action is a full re-piping job. This involves the removal of your existing pipes throughout your building and replacement with upgraded plumbing pipe material. You can choose from CPVC, PEX and copper for your new piping. We will often reconfigure some of the pipe layout as well to increase the efficiency of your plumbing system.


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