Our Team

The team at The Great American Plumbing company is headed by owner Valerie McGinnis, who took over running the business when husband and company founder passed away unexpectedly in 2020.

Three of the McGinnis children joined the company to keep it traveling on the path envisioned by their father: Savannah, 20; Steven, 28; and Charles, 31.

All of our technicians are full time employees. We hire local professionals and offer job security through fair wages, benefits, and ongoing training and support. Since family is such a huge part of our company, we also have a hands on training program for anyone who is interested in learning this trade.

Our hands on learning program is one of our major sources of pride. We offer the opportunity to receive hands on learning experiences and training all while being paid an hourly wage. This is something we have always felt strongly about and have done since the early 80’s. Many of our team have moved on to opening their own local plumbing companies, to join the Plumbers Union, and shared their knowledge received from our training with many educational institution’s plumbing departments.

All of our employees, trainees, and technicians receive background checks and are required to attend regular training sessions to keep their skills sharp and stay up to date with the latest technology and codes. Our experience enables us to handle the most complex and intricate plumbing and drain problems, and also gives us the confidence to offer a one-year guarantee on service and satisfaction.